What is DotNuke?

DotNetNuke is an open source development framework which allows businesses to rapidly build with properly organized rich in feature, interactive websites and web applications in Microsoft environments. By the help of a perceptive, menu-driven interface, even non-technical users can utilize DotNetNuke to easily make new websites or expand the functionality and features of existing Web development applications.
DotNetNuke is an enthusiastic open-source community that is more than 600,000 strong and growing. In large DotNetNuke, there has been number of portals, intranets, extranets and public websites built in.
Different DotNetNuke Release Editions
Professional and Community Editions
DNN Corp. provides Professional and Community Editions of DotNetNuke which is on widely adopted and carefully tested code base thriving by the open source community of users, developers, integrators, and vendors. These both Editions are mostly powerful, easy to use, and nearly infinitely scalable.
DotNetNuke Professional Edition is the certified released version of DotNetNuke Community Edition. DotNetNuke Professional Edition provides product support, guarantees of the performance, and security of copyright to make sure copy of the content, making it the best suited solution to all Web development types’ organizations which mean to utilize the framework as a main element of their mission-critical web-based communications strategies.
Get DotNetNuke Today
It’s easy to get started with DotNetNuke:

  • Download the free DotNetNuke Community Edition, click here

In a few minutes of downloading DotNetNuke and installations, you can easily build a dynamic portal without any Web development programming knowledge.A DotNetNuke user with very less technical knowledge could be developing new pages of content, by the help of pre-built content modules such as announcements, discussions, events, FAQs, feedback forms, and images. Users can also developing membership roles, sending bulk emails, and defining secure sections for registered site users only. Users can set banner advertising, customizing the website’s appearance, and submitting the website to search engines.

Sandeep Shankar
Sandeep Shankar
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