Help desk software Development

Hesk is ticket based helpdesk system software. It utilizes MySQL database and has many pleasant characteristics of web development : ticket system, categories, multiple staff logins, full customization and more.

Help desk software HESK details

Hesk is a Free PHP Help Desk Software which runs with a MySQL database. It permits you to build a web based ticket support system for your website.
If Help Desk Software is installed once, then your customers will be able to easily submit support tickets and staff will have an easy-to-use web platform to handle customer support requests.
You can totally customize the view of your help desk through editing header, footer and style files! The entire text utilized is stored in a single language file, therefore to translate the script you only require to edit one file!
Lots of users speak that they like this script most since it is a very to utilize, simple, secure. It is easy to install script which takes care of web development database setup to assist you get your helpdesk up and running with very small endeavor.

Furthermore HESK has many more features:

  • Infinite number of personalized accounts for staff
  • Infinite categories
  • File attachments functionalities
  • Fully-featured knowledge base
  • Custom fields in the “Submit a ticket” form
  • Anti-SPAM verification when submitting a ticket
  • Powerful ticket search functions
  • E-mail warning of new tickets and replies
  • Rating of staff replies and skilful articles
  • Automatic close of the tickets after certain period of time as defined by the users
  • Easy-to-use web interface
  • Easy to interpret to any supported language

System Requirements

Hesk has been verified by running on the servers under windows, Linux and FreeBSD operating systems. It ought to work on any other server providing it has a working PHP and MySQL installation with widespread web development functions.

UNIX, Windows, FreeBSD server (or other with working PHP/MySQL)
PHP 4.3.2 or newer
MySQL 4.x or newer

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Sandeep Shankar
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