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Application security is very critical problem for the software companies as well as clients, so many companies providing inbuilt security systems to protect the all secured data from externals threats. There some other ways by security can be provided from threats by performing some techniques. This process will be very much suitable as we should know completely what exactly happen in the application of the security. Saving the application from Web development externals threats is dangerous as utilize of different hardware devices, software, and other procedural means are not easy to implement without entire technical know-how about the application and security tools.

There are few way to give security during development to software which help protect hackers from manipulation of the code and data of the project and to save from loosing the sensitive data of the Web development company. During working with the project and thinking about he security a word developers comes often is ‘countermeasures’. This means that what ever steps taken to protect or prevent the software application from threats arte called countermeasures. These are the action performed by the system during development if any threats strike by the externals for harming the application or trying to view some secured data of the company.

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  • Software countermeasure for web Application:

Web application firewall helps to control the access of applications through the operating system of the computer. It manages the data from central processing unit (CPU) and other destinations. It gives security through handling data or execution of files by definite application.

  • Hardware countermeasure for the Router:

It is a hardware which provides the direction to “packets” among two networks. It concludes the next network point for “packet” to reach out its destination. “Gateway” is where two networks meet and the location of the router is at any “gateway”. Packets use to travel at different destinations in the network and router is able to maintain table for the Web development available routs and can determine best route and conditions for packets.

  • Countermeasures through Encryption/ Decryption:

Encryption is the process of converting data into the special form called “cipher text” that cannot be easily readable or understood by unauthorized people. To make it understood decryption is the process to convert the “cipher text” into original form. This typical language system is used in performing wireless communications as wireless circuits are easy to tap.

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