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Project management is very much crucial to outsourced project, to establish most effective project management. So to meet the desired requirement we take utmost care in assigning a project manager to a project. If there is requirement of to most effective end to end solutions, then our project manager is regular in contact and works closely with the client throughout the project lifecycle. That means we take too care in assigning a project manger from the client offshore offices.

The foremost task of the project manager is to make a well defined plan which composes the following:

  • Process Customization – If there is any divergence in the project from WebDhoom standard Global Delivery Process due to budget, time pressure etc.
  • Communication Plan – This will help the team in communication across diversified geographic locations, which provide reports and status on daily and weekly basis and more is sending instant messaging, email, web conferencing, telephone and other communications tools.
  • Roles and Responsibilities – This will provide details about who does what on the project team.
  • Project Audit Plan – This will help the project checkpoints to audit to ensure that they have been followed consistently.

Our project manager holds up following responsibilities to arrange the management of the project from beginning to end:

  • Project Scope Matrix – Limitations of the scope, the major milestones and timelines to be achieved seamlessly, and the overall business objectives of the project that must be achieved.
  • Software Configuration Management Plan – In this our project team decide which tools to use for version control, build and releases.

Change Control Process – The main objectives of this process of requesting a change to the requirements and scope of a project and how to reach sign off by both the client and our team on each change request.

Sandeep Shankar
Sandeep Shankar
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