Web Applications for Recruiting Program

We at WebDhoom help to develop an E-Recruitment Solutions that will help to collect resumes via online, hire people, maintain a candidate database, handle human resource which will help to identify prospective candidates and perform various evaluations.

The E-Recruitment Solution which we develop is very much innovative web based solution which is very much useful for the organizations having multiple locations that want to manage resource requirements. We try to focus to build an automated system helping recruitment process; aimed at providing easy solution for the job listing, job management, candidate sorting and management and recruitment process management.

This application helps in keeping the recruitment process open and transparent between the applicant and the HR managers.

Outsource your recruitment website development to Web Developers

At WebDevelopers, we have proven expertise in recruitment website development and recruiting software. We have developed recruitment management solutions that have an exhaustive list of features for each user profile – visitor, candidate, administrator and company.

Complete Feature List for our Recruitment Website

Users and Roles

The website will have the following types of users:

  • Employer
  • Visitor
  • Candidate / Seeker

Online Recruiting Software Solutions

As an employer you have complete powers on this site – the controller of the website. You have complete control to manage jobs and current job listings, conduct resume search and track applications received; shortlist candidates and schedule/track interviews. Keep track of the complete recruiting process with numerous stages, avail mail templates, view reports and set system parameters.

The employer or the HR department of a company has to her disposal the following modules/functions.

  • Login – Completely Secure; only authorized personnel can edit/modify material on the site
  • Logout
  • Retrieve lost password
  • Change password
  • Edit registration details – The registration info would be the same as what is now collected in the booking form.
  • View/Edit company and contact details
  • View/Edit company logo
  • Manage jobs (View/Edit/Delete) current list of jobs
  1. Displays a list of all the jobs added by the HR.
  2. Has links edit and add job pages.
  3. Flag jobs as hot jobs
  4. Activate/Deactivate job postings
  • Resume Search – A search page which lists from the available resumes, a list of resumes according to the search criteria. Search criteria being:
    • Skills
    • Employment type
    • Salary
    • Willing to Relocate
    • Filter Job search results based on columns
    • Lists all the applications of candidates who have applied for various jobs
    • The listing id done based on the filter criteria. Search criteria being :
      • Job code
      • Name
      • E-mail address
      • Interview Stage No.
    • Shortlist Candidates and Schedule / tracking interviews for candidates
  • Recruiting Process – Stages (Post Recruitment Process)
    • Stage Zero – Screening and scheduling
    • StageOne- HR Interview
    • Stage Two – Process linked Interview
    • Stage Three – Final Interview (offer – acceptance / reject)
    • Stage Four – Joining
      • View Interview Schedules
      • My mail templates
  • Lists and Lets the user view/edit/add/ delete the mail templates.
    • My calendar
  • Lists all the appointments booked by the HR
    • View Reports (5 reports assumed)
    • List/View/Add/Edit/Delete Admin staff
    • Set System Parameters


A Visitor is any person who visits the website. A visitor will be able to do only the following:

  1. View Home Page
  2. View Static Pages
  3. About Us
  4. Privacy Policy
  5. Terms & Conditions
  6. Contact Us
  7. Search Job Listings (Quick Search & Advanced Search)
  8. View Job Listing Details
  9. View Hot Jobs
  10. Register as Candidate

Recruiting software engineers for web applications

job seeker is a visitor who has registered and has logged in – in addition to doing what a Visitor can do, a candidate can perform the following functions as well:

  1. Login
  2. Logout
  3. Retrieve Lost Password
  4. Change Password
  5. My Home
  6. Search Job Listings (Quick Search & Advanced Search)
  7. View/Edit Registration (personal profile) Details
    • The registration info would be the same as what is now collected in the booking form
  8. View/Edit Resume Builder – The Resume builder is divided into eight sub divisions.
    • Introduction
    • Experience summary
    • Why hire me?
    • Experience Details
    • Education/Training/Certification
    • Skills
    • Upload resume and pic
    • General details
  9. Apply for jobs
    • A registered and logged in seeker may not only view list of jobs and urgent vacancies but also apply for the same.
    • There is no limit as such to apply for jobs, but if a job is offered and accepted he/she is not allowed to apply any more jobs. Similarly if rejected for any job he/she will not be allowed for any more jobs for a limited period of six months.
  10. Job manager
    • Here a seeker can create his/her cover letter
    • View a the list of jobs he/she applied and the status of the same
    • View previous and next interview details
  11. My Calendar
    • Here a seeker may add his/her free time best for the HR to contact him or schedule an interview for
    • Seeker is also shown if any appointments has been fixed by whom and where
    • Seeker may edit or delete any free time added if its not booked by the HR
  12. My Web page
    • This section gives the link to the seekers online profile.
    • The online profile is a all the details of the seeker collected in the various section above put together
  13. Receive Email updates.
  14. Activate / Deactivate resume
  15. Create Cover Letters
  16. Check status of jobs applied and view interview schedule.
  17. Receive Interview scheduled via email.
  18. Receive/Accept Offer notification.

Design The Website will be built on the Microsoft .NET Platform using ASP.NET and C#. The database server will be Microsoft SQL Server 2000. We recommend that the application be hosted on a dedicated server to ensure scalability and security of information.

User Interfaces

The user interface of the Website will be HTML 4.01 and will be viewable in browsers – Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 +We will separate the user interface code from the business logic and database layers. All data access code will be in the form of stored procedures within the database for which there will be wrappers in the data access layer.

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Sandeep Shankar
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