Requirements Capture Process

At WebDhoom requirements Capture process begins with client’s interactions and the definition of initial requirements and ends with the completion of the software requirements specification document. The documents generated in the requirement Capture process should tell the client how the solution offered is the best solution and how it would do what it promised to achieve.

Through a solid Requirement Capture Process help to unclear the client requirements to be clearly defined. This helps communication between user and developer through out life cycle of the Web Development . It also helps to reduce the risks and costs during development.

The Requirement Capture Process team examines the client’s problem to arrive at a Vision document. This Vision document helps the developer to make plan of the future the future and aims to describe all that will happen on a project until the delivery stage. This helps to outlines a high-level client view of the system to be built. The Business objective, vision for the solution proposed, assumption and dependencies, scope of releases, limitations and assumptions are proposed in this phase.

Incremental Requirements Capture

A requirements specification is the detail information of the requirements and provides a basis for estimation and helps to estimate the cost of development. The Software Requirement Specification also helps the design and project implementation team begin to precede their work in an easy manner.

Case diagrams

We use case diagrams to show the possible scenarios in the project – they are information models that help express the ideas of the application being developed.

Functional specifications

Functional specifications are blue prints about how your Web Development or application looks and works. It provides details about the finished applications what it will do and how a user will interact with it. Functional requirements explain a service of a function that the solution must provide. Once these specifications are created, they are validated and a feasibility study is done.

After finalize the Requirement Capture process, the client signs of the Software Requirement Specification and the projects are passed on to the Project manager who allocates a project leader for the project.

Sandeep Shankar
Sandeep Shankar
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