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Web Development cbt/wbt has the power and flexibility to afford organizations far-reaching alternatives for effective and economical training solutions. Constraints of time and location no longer impede the path to successful training. Moreover,Web Development Delhi takes this project as an on-going process wherein we assist you post-implementation in order to review and improve on the training.

Customized Solution

Web Development has a full compliment of trained professionals available to help you with every phase of Elearning or CBT/WBT development, from instructional design to implementation. In case your organization has already developed the training materials, or the ability to create few courses in-house, Web Development could assist and coordinate our efforts with those in your organization.

We can also design course templates and work with your subject matter experts (SMEs) to create your own professional quality training programs. Your SMEs can focus on needs assessment and content development, while Web Development is involved with course\media development, implementation and distribution. We custom design CD-ROM delivered training that can be used as a stand-alone training course or one that can be a supplement to an Instructor-Led course.

Offshore software development company

Web Development Delhi’s modular development model ensures that courses are developed quickly and economically. Our team designs special templates based on the type and quantity of information contained in your training materials, as well as the proposed delivery method(s). We then blend your information to create modules, which are combined into courses.

A course can contain as many modules as necessary, and you can add or modify courses at any time. This method of approaching course development allows for greater flexibility, shorter development times and lower cost.

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