We at WebDhoom to outsource the development project from outside to help you to best suit your requirements. If you are looking for appropriate for the most appropriate choice to outsource your coding requirements. We being a long development experienced, we promise you to provide a well suited development Programming and coding requirements.

If you outsource WebDhoom , then you get the following benefit:

  • We recruit the expert and best developers in the industry on the basis of your requirements from that help to save cost up to 40-50% as compared to an onshore software development project.
  • After outsourcing the project to WebDhoom , you will able to concentrate on your competencies without bothering about the technicalities of project requirements.
  • Quality assurance is given the highest priority ensuring the lowest error rate
  • The company will be directly responsible to you for the progress of your project
  • Allocation of development servers and daily reports allow you to keep abreast with the project status.

We have following core competencies in software development programming and coding:

System and Database Architecture:

Adroit in Database Enterprise Network Computing, we have sharpened skills in open database architecture in client/server, distributed environments and decision support, Internet/Intranet/Extranet.


We promise to deliver in time-tested record of developing complex, data-driven web and desktop applications. Be it custom web applications or marketable e commerce, WebDhoom is the best key to unlock the code.


Writing exhaustive lines of codes may render outlandish results if filled with bugs. Debugging is possible only when bugs are identified. This whole process of testing codes is not only time consuming but also requires patience. We offer testing services.


Once you develop Websites it is not for ever, it requires to be constantly updated for generating better traffic. Visiting a useful website with outdated information can be most repulsive to users. Maintenance and regular updation of websites, thus demands special care and regular technical brush-ups. We maintain large to small sized websites with equal technical care.

We follow following methodology at WebDhoom :

We take a special prominence on the total offshore project management process. We follow following time bound steps to give your ideas a virtual shape from scratch:

  • Defining the scope Clarification: By an interactive consulting process with the client, our project manager defines and specifies the challenges and details of the project.
  • Documenting the Requirement specification: Detail description of the Project, time bound deadlines, and milestones are documented in order to build complete transparency of the development entire phase of the process. In this phase the specific team with required skill sets is put together.
  • Project planning and System design: During the stage of project planning, the database design is decided, the site structure is created and a risk management plan is defined. The entire project plan is also divided into different segments. This phase involves creation of site structure, database design and a risk management plan. During this phase the whole project is broken up into different phases depending on the complexities involved.
  • Coding: The most crucial period of development. During this time programmers keep themselves busy building the logic and writing codes and scripts.
  • Validation of the entered data: During this period, codes are written to ensure such functionalities that check the validity of entered data.
  • Integration: Now that the different modules of codes are ready, they are integrated to a whole to implement the functionalities of the application.
  • Testing: During this phase, the whole application is tested from the user’s perspective to find out if any logical loopholes persist.
  • Debugging: The programmers take intense care to rectify the logical errors found during testing.
  • Deployment: This is the final stage in the process of whole development. In this sage the application is released where applications is made live.

Tools and Technology

At WebDhoom, we use latest and best in technology and software. The following are a list of tools and technology that our software programmers use:

Programming languages
We use ASP.NET, XML, HTML, C#, VB Script and Java Script amongst others.

Project management tools
We use MS Project and Base Camp amongst others.

Source Control
We use VSS

We use MS SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle and MS Access amongst others

User Interface Design Tools
We use Photoshop, Flash, Dream Weaver and Corel Draw amongst others

We use highly-advanced server technologies, such as, Apache. We also use other servers.

Development Tools
We use MS Visual Studio 2003 and 2005.