About Book Designing by Webdhoom

We are a one stop solution/ shop for all your book designing services. Our expert designers lies in delivering high quality work at cost effective prices. We have an experienced team of graphic designers, cartographer, digital artists, illustrators and DTP experts who work hard on creating attractive covers, typography and page layouts. Some of our important services include book designing service, interior design, typesetting, art creation and e-book conversion. All standard work procedures and ISO quality guidelines are followed to offer both bulk and standalone services with ease. Our professionals designers meet the strict deadlines and make sure to exceed clients expectations.

Planning For Book Designing service:

A book with no page numbers, table of contents or alphabetical index will have no takers. Similarly, a book with shoddy layout and typographical errors may compel the buyers to seek a refund from the seller. Such books are neither good for buyers, publishers or for the author. On the other hand, a professionally designed book will attract the attention of the readers and will get recommended by them.

The layout and the design of the book should be visually appealing. An academic book will have a smaller font as compared to a children’s book. Careful designing is required for all the books including text books, travel guides, cookbooks, picture books and screenplays so that the reader flows through the pages and gains knowledge from the book.

Appealing Title Cover Page For Quality Books

You can make your book as appealing and interesting as you would like it to be. You should start by creating an inspiring book cover. It not only captures the attention of the readers, but also compels them to open the book and read. A dark green, deep red or blue cover will be visually appealing. You must ensure that the cover of the books compels the readers to pick up the book from a wide shelf of books.

Back cover designer in India

Next, comes the process of creating the back cover designing India. People normally glance through the back cover for less than a minute. You must list out 2-3 features of the book which makes the readers want to read the book .You can supplement the same with an outline so that they continue their reading. The testimonials should be included at the back of the book. Further, include a bio for the back cover.

And, finally you have to concentrate on the process of book layout and designing. It is a long process and requires a lot of time and patience. Our team comprises of an experienced book designer in webdhoom , who gives adequate attention on the entire process of interior book design which includes page and margin size, font selection, paragraph and line spacing, table of contents and the title page, headers, footers and page numbers, chapter titles or section headings, and design (illustrations, photos and charts) & graphics placement , layout of tables, front matter and back matter, use of white space, hyphenation control, orphan and widow control and lastly special touches in the design that makes your book unique for the readers.