CRE Loaded Installation Guide

To install the CREloaded first of download the files from CREloaded projects Downloads or from download link provided below. After downloading files unzip the files and then upload it to your web hosting web development account with the help of an FTP client. Your servers need to fulfill some specific requirements.

Then you must the run the CRELoaded installation script from your domain- the URL you requirement to access would be

Please, replace by your own domain name what you actually decided and the ‘/pathtocatalog’ with the name of the folder where CRELoaded is to be installed. If you have already installed CREloaded in your main folder, then use it only

While installing the CRE loaded, give reply to the whole questions on the installation script and once you are prepared with them, the installation of CRELoaded 6.x will be finished.
So as to access the cart’s administration tool, please login to Administration section with:

password: Admin123

Please, set your own user ID and password in order to protect your administration tools. By the help of the store admin tools -> you can configuration the menu you determine the store configuration settings. After this you can allocate shipping modules, payment modules, tax zones, and order total sort order. Now your installation web development process has been finished and you can now use the benefits of CRE Loaded shopping cart.
CRELoaded is developed with a finishing set of functionality that is helpful for profitable businesses for store owners.

Sandeep Shankar
Sandeep Shankar
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