Creating Request for Proposal for Web Development Projects

You have planned to develop a Web Application for your organization but you are confused what and how you should write requirement. We will help you in writing the requirements through this article by giving you a clear insight into writing a Request for Proposal.
Let us first try to understand why you do not have a request for Proposal. If any of the following reason is true, we have a solution for you

  • You well know your project requirements, but you have not outlined an Request For Proposal.
  • You do not know how to write an RFP for your web development project
  • You do not know the nitty gritties of web development and so you want an expert to draft an RFP for you

You will surely agree that a detailed plan or Request for Proposition will put your project in the right direction. If you have not prepared an RFP, let us help you in developing one. You can avail the service of our expert business analysts. Give us a brief outline of your project requirements and we can create an RFP for you.

Purpose of Preparing a Request for Proposal Web Application development

In a short time a lot of things go into a web development project which you might not have even estimated or even not listened about it. So, it is very much important to bring out the reasons why a Request for Proposal is important in the development of your project.

  • When you draw out a Request for Proposal that means you will have your planning done right and help to reach your requirement.
  • It will help you display your entire thoughts and requirements.
  • With an Request for Proposal, you will have a written documentation of what you really expect from a project
  • It gives you and your vendor a clear picture of the scope of the project. This will ensure that nothing goes unforeseen
  • With its detailed description of the project, it will be easier for your vendor to tell you their estimated cost.
  • An Request for proposal will act as the basis of indication throughout the stages of project execution

How Request for proposal benefits us serve you better?

It is quit difficult work to any development company to understand what exactly you have in mind. We understand requirement only if you can give us a clear idea of what you expect out of your project, it will help us in giving you the most appropriate proposal/quote.

E-commerce Web Development Company

If you do not provide us a definite requirement, we will have to invest many hours to analyzing and determining your requirements from the project from our side. If you provide us a Request for proposal, then it will help us give you a comprehensive quote along with the estimated time of achievement of the project. It also avoids the risk of over-estimation or under-estimation of the project from our side.

Basic purpose of Request for proposal

The basic purpose of a Request for proposal is to get a plan which will be most suitable for your business requirements. You do not only get this you can achieve beyond this. We are illustrating below how you will be benefited form this:

With this in mind detail your requirements and your expectations. Some of the most common and important details, which usually are given in a Request for proposal, are following:

  1. Disclaimers
  2. Company Background
  3. Project Purpose & Scope:

Current Process Overview
Project Details
Project Verification
Target Hardware, Software & Platform – Server
General Software and Hardware Standards to follow
Software Source Code
Training for end users
Recommended Hardware

  1. Vendor Instructions:

Solution Proposition
Price Quotation
Schedule for Evaluation Process
Proposal Submission & Contact Information
Proposal Format

  1. Questionnaire to get an overview of Vendor Company
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