Yahoo plans to open up typically closed search engines

Yahoo plans to launch a new SearchMonkey development platform which will permit developers to add relevant information such as reviews, ratings, images, contact web development information and navigational links to search results.

Firstly Yahoo plans to launch searchMoney in Feb of this year, and declared that the new technology would provide web development structured data with Yahoo by utilizing g markups, APIs, standardized XML feeds, and page extraction to the Web site owners. The sharing of data will provide permit third-party developers to build SearchMoney application which offer a better experience for the users. It has been stated by Amit Kumar who is the web development director of product management for Yahoo search that the search engines hasn’t changed it’s, it is quite same as when the search engines and the web development internet were not known in use and it taught in academic class. According to them it is the time to change the search strategy which could be more helpful to the users. Search engines have usually closed; they have been web development black boxes with little room for improvement. They want to open up this image to external parties … opening up one of the last closed areas on the Web.”

As per example suppose a developer could build an web development application which would comprise a individual’s photo from his Facebook page when somebody searches on his name. Or a restaurant listing web development could be enhanced with user reviews, ratings and directions appearing in the search results. Web Developers can build different kinds of applications utilizing SearchMonkey improved results and infobars.

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Improved results would change the present standard search results with a richer display according to the Yahoo. All the links in web development enhanced results must point to the site to which the result refers, according to the web development company. Infobars, added below search results, can comprise metadata about the result such as related links or content, it added on the website.

It has been also cleared by the Kumar that there is no plan in place to help developers earn money from the web development applications they create on SearchMonkey. One can be benefit by gaining fame for building web development applications that draw the attention of future employers.

Yahoo also supposes to launch corridor of web development Search Monkey applications in the next few weeks as stated by the Kumar. For catch the developer’s interest in web development SearchMonkey, Yahoo today announced the launch of the SearchMonkey Developer web development Challenge that will award up to $10,000 to developers who create top applications.

Sandeep Shankar
Sandeep Shankar
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