How to Develop User-Centered Web Sites

To get all general information of users and user/web interaction through going details provided by the web development clients. It is not enough to plan a specific site working; it is vital to determine how your web development exacting users interact with this particular site.

1. Include users at the time of beginning any project

Include users from the beginning by:

  • Determining their psychological models and anticipations
  • Including them as an integral part of the design/development process and team
  • Examining the entire way working and the scope of each person at their workplace; authenticating your hypothesis about them; analyzing their tasks, workflow, and aims
  • Extracting feedback through walk-through, paper prototypes, card sorting, think-aloud sessions, and any more methods which suits better to both.

2. Recognize your users
You should ask questions web development listed below and try find out the answers in details and if possible implement these answers at the time of development the project to meet the users centered specific web development needs and design as per requirements. 
1. How much users know about the following:

  • Computers?
  • The Web?
  • Domain (subject matter)?

2. What are the users’ working/web-surfing environments? 
3. What software, hardware, and browsers do the users have?
4. What are the users’ preferred learning styles?
5. What language(s) do the users speak? How fluent are they?
6. How much training (if any) will the users receive?
7. What cultural issues might there be?
8. What applicable knowledge/skills do the users already posses? 
9. What do the users require and look forward to from this web site?

3. Evaluate user tasks and goals
Examine and intermingle with users as you try to answer questions like:

  • Which task users require to give attention to web development perform extensively; how do they currently perform these tasks? What is the workflow?
  • Why do the users at present perform their tasks the way they do?
  • What types of user’s information are necessitated?
  • How do users decide and correct errors?
  • What are the users’ eventual goals?

4. You should not be in hurry to settle on a final direction 
Discover diverse designs and approaches and get user feedback before making final direction, development, and design decisions.

5. You must repeatedly usability test 
The usability test is types of iterative web development method; it is significant to perform usability testing throughout the development cycle. 
The usability test can be performing using complicated labs and equipment or utilizing comparatively simple and low-priced means.

Sandeep Shankar
Sandeep Shankar
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